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Mike, rexorth A8VO Hydraulic Pump

Type: Hydraulic Pump

Rexorth is a global leader in the design and manufacture of high-quality hydraulic products for automotive, industrial and marine applications. Founded in Germany in 1921, Rexorth has been developing innovative products and solutions for more than 90 years. Since then, we have become one of the most important manufacturers of hydraulic pumps worldwide. Today we are present in more than 60 countries with more than 3,000 employees worldwide.

Rexroth provides high quality hydraulic pumps for many industries: agriculture & construction, automotive & transportation, energy & process engineering, general industry & manufacturing, marine & offshore and material handling equipment (MHE). Rexroth is also a leading supplier of integrated drive systems for mobile equipment like forklifts.

Category: Hydraulic Pump

Rexorth A8VO hydraulic pump is a product of Rexroth and is widely used in the industry. The Rexroth A8VO Hydraulic Pump is mainly used in construction machinery, agriculture machinery, mining machinery, vehicles and other heavy industries. The Rexroth A8VO Hydraulic Pump has high performance and long service life with low noise and vibration.

The Rexroth A8VO Hydraulic Pump can be used for different industrial applications. The Rexroth A8VO Hydraulic Pump can be used for automotive industry, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, mining machinery, heavy duty trucks and other industrial applications.

Rexroth A8VO Hydraulic Pump is specially designed for use in mobile machines such as bulldozers, excavators or cranes. The Rexroth A8VO Hydraulic Pump delivers reliable power without any trouble at all times because of its excellent quality and durability.

Brand: Rexroth

Rexroth A8VO Hydraulic Pump with metal housing and frame, self-priming, with pressure relief valve and filter, vertical mounting. The A8VO is a vertical shaft rotary vane pump with a split casing. This pump has an excellent balance of characteristics and is low on maintenance. It is suitable for use in automotive, agricultural machinery, construction equipment and mobile machinery.

The A8VO series of piston pumps are designed for continuous operation in the flow range from 0 to 12 m3/h at pressures up to 8 bar (g). They are fitted with an integrated pressure relief valve and have a low wear design with a small amount of leakage. The pumps have high volumetric efficiency due to their large volumetric flow rate in relation to the installed size.Rexroth A8VO Hydraulic Pump


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