Main Shrine

The Main Shrine is the heart of the Guang Ming Temple. All our Dharma services take place here and we have weekly services on Sunday mornings, which you are welcome to attend. At other times, the shrine is open for everyone who wishes to pay respect to the Buddha. The Main Shrine can be used as a space for meditation.

When entering the main shrine, please observe the following rules of respect:

  • Sincerely pay respect to the Buddha with prostration or incense.

  • Do not wear shorts, short skirts, or revealing outfits.

  • Do not bring food, beverages, or pets into the main shrine.

  • Please turn off cell phones and speak softly.

  • Please do not photograph or film.



Tue - Sun: 10 am - 5 pm
​​Monday: Closed


In order to prevent the spread of coronavirus, we are temporarily closed until further notice.


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